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My aim is not to take a good photograph, but to create a picture from my camera and computer that people will appreciate.

I live in the "Garden of Ireland", County Wicklow, just south of my countrie's capital Dublin. I am fortunate enough to be well placed to shoot some of the best scenery and sites this island has to offer. Whether its the many seaside towns and harbours, the rivers and the forests, or the lakes and the mountains, there is no shortage of places I try to capture the beauty of.

Photography has now become a very big part of my life and I take every available chance I can to do it. Going into the wild parts of Wicklow is one of my favourite things to do and my camera never stays at home when I am there. I only really started taking pictures on a regular basis a few years ago and more so since I got my first DSLR less than a year and a half ago, since then I have learned so much, but I know I still have lots more to learn and try to improve each time I take a photo.

Each one of my photos has a stamp of my creativeness and individuality. I try to keep away from copying other peoples styles and perspectives as I always want people to instantly recognise my photos. From a young age I always had an artistic side and I have tried to bring that through in my photos, that is why some of the images you see may look like paintings or drawings, this is no accident. I sometimes think of my camera as the tool for which I sketch and the different editing software the brushes and paint to create my pictures.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my pictures and that you may come back to see them in the future.

Many Thanks

Vincent Coey

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